Crazy, Crazy Days…

Ok… have been way too busy with too many things (read: the translation job) ..

Certain situations have been going round and round in my head, like one of those cheesy songs that get stuck in your brain and you just can’t seem to make it go away!

It deserves a good post .. as in one where I’m alone and am being able to gather my thoughts and put it into words which will make sense…

These days there just has been too many things on my plate for me to GET any time in-between ..

Need a little respite from it all .. Sigh

All I can say is that I so totally get John Lennon’s line from his song “Beautiful Boy” .. Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans..

So now Saif and I are trying to deal with Mr Life, who’s gone and done a whopper on Mr Plans… 😛

Will write more on this when I feel like it…right now I’m a little lost for words…


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