Family Ties…Untied

I think I had said once before.. that you are a TRULY lucky person if you can find ONE ..just ONE..other person during your entire lifetime who totally gets you. And if that person turns out to be your life-partner.. well then.. you’re not just are infinitely blessed. Because face it… there is just so much you can share with your parents or siblings.

I have come to the irrevocable conclusion that childhood has its fair share of all things “Josh!”. You remain wonderfully ignorant of all the family politics and double (even triple) entendres made by members of your family. The older you get, unfortunately, everyone expects you to participate in all things “familial” and then when some sort of trouble brews, you’re expected to take sides… a pitfall ANYONE in their right minds would love to avoid at any cost.

NO human being is perfect. Every single person in ANY given family has their fair share of virtues AND vices. And more often than  not, rather than anyone being either right or wrong, it’s usually a case of a big, bad messy affair of miscommunication, where both parties have failed to understand each other’s point. A misunderstanding has NOTHING to do with anyone being right or wrong… a misunderstanding, in effect, is a VERY grey area and cannot be something SO black and white as being right or wrong.

Sorry am I going around in circles? Much apologies if I sound like a broken record, but all the family-related problems I’ve seen thus far seems to me just that… a very big and a very messy case of misunderstanding…where everyone has their wires crossed…tangled…maybe even shredded to pieces…

And I’ve always been the type of person who wants to avoid all things messy at all costs. One of my new year resolutions this time around was to keep busy with as much work and band-related stuff as possible in order to avoid as many family get-togethers as possible.

Seriously. The further removed you are from each and every scenario, the more easier it is to calmly say ‘Sorry, I wasn’t there, so I really can’t give my opinion on the matter’. I know that sounds extremely selfish (even more so, as it has to do with one’s own family) but well..I HAVE tried the other route… and never DID get ANY positive results/feedbacks/vibes for my efforts.

Other than my immediate family, including the one through my marriage, every other person’s opinion isn’t worth my precious time or my consideration. It’s a lesson learned the hard way.

Sorry. But that’s that. I know a lot of people will say.. “Awh c’mon. These things are constantly happening in every family. Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

But as one good friend always says, “It’s always the little stuff that makes or breaks things.”


Up The Hills and Down the Valleys We Go

all right folks.. here are the pictures of our car like i’d promised.. we are truly blessed 🙂 it has already travelled many a miles with us…offering immeasurable support along the way…

Life in the Fast Lane

Well..finally the translation work I had mentioned earlier is done and dusted with.


I am sure you can all guess that this was THE reason I’d sort of disappeared from the blogging world.

For a couple of examples of my efforts, have look here. Try to hum the words in your head in the original tune and maybe you could let me know what you thought of it all?

Ok. Time for some positive news now. WE BOUGHT A CAR! It’s a “third-hand” car. As in the previous owner had bought it second-hand himself. He’s actually one of our friend’s boss and was a real sweetheart as he sold it to us at a lesser price than he’d intended after hearing our budget crisis :). And yes..I’ll be posting pics soon. Once we have it nicely washed, polished and in spick-and-span condition.

The car had increasingly become a necessity. Saif and I lead such a hectic life – we have shows every other week, and if not shows, then some sort of social get-together to attend. The part of Dhaka city where we live, though in a prime location, is rather cut-off from the main roads and we can somehow never manage to get a cab or cng when we NEED one. And more often than not..the driver usually goes “Jabo na” (Won’t go) :P. Even if we offer them double the fare! And then when you ask them in frustration and exasperation “Why ever not?”, they come back with the same retort or some godforsaken excuse like “Won’t get any commuters if I go to that particular neighbourhood”. Bleh!

So yes. We’re now the proud owners of a Toyota Carina.

Now if we could only do away with the 3-hour traffic jams in the city…Sigh.