Life in the Fast Lane

Well..finally the translation work I had mentioned earlier is done and dusted with.


I am sure you can all guess that this was THE reason I’d sort of disappeared from the blogging world.

For a couple of examples of my efforts, have look here. Try to hum the words in your head in the original tune and maybe you could let me know what you thought of it all?

Ok. Time for some positive news now. WE BOUGHT A CAR! It’s a “third-hand” car. As in the previous owner had bought it second-hand himself. He’s actually one of our friend’s boss and was a real sweetheart as he sold it to us at a lesser price than he’d intended after hearing our budget crisis :). And yes..I’ll be posting pics soon. Once we have it nicely washed, polished and in spick-and-span condition.

The car had increasingly become a necessity. Saif and I lead such a hectic life – we have shows every other week, and if not shows, then some sort of social get-together to attend. The part of Dhaka city where we live, though in a prime location, is rather cut-off from the main roads and we can somehow never manage to get a cab or cng when we NEED one. And more often than not..the driver usually goes “Jabo na” (Won’t go) :P. Even if we offer them double the fare! And then when you ask them in frustration and exasperation “Why ever not?”, they come back with the same retort or some godforsaken excuse like “Won’t get any commuters if I go to that particular neighbourhood”. Bleh!

So yes. We’re now the proud owners of a Toyota Carina.

Now if we could only do away with the 3-hour traffic jams in the city…Sigh.


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