In Case I Have Followers (Aren’t I The Optimistic?!)

Just wanted to inform you all that I am and will be a bit MIA for a while..because

1. I have joined a school, where I’m teaching English Language and Literature to Grade 5 students…that comprises of two sections..each filled with around 20 over-smart 11 year olds…

2. I am inundated..every other day…with nearly 80 copies of classwork and homework copies..submitted in illegible handwriting that would make a doctor proud (N.B. I am guessing you got the joke since you MUST have come across a doctor’s prescription at least ONCE in your lifetime).

3. Their final examination is coming up… so I am rather bogged down with revisions and all the things that you have to do before such things…bleh!

and.. oh yes…as if I weren’t busy enough…I am also working on some ‘heavy’ (topic-of-research wise) Bengali-to-English translation work for an NGO…where everything ‘was due yesterday’.

So yes.. MIA is and will be the ‘in’ thing for me for the coming few weeks ..

Cheers! (and I DO mean it).


Up The Hills and Down the Valleys We Go

all right folks.. here are the pictures of our car like i’d promised.. we are truly blessed 🙂 it has already travelled many a miles with us…offering immeasurable support along the way…

Procrastination…is thy name

“Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment.” Oh a more irrefutable quote I’ve never read.. sigh

My dust allergy is a little better than the last couple of days… but I think the recent “work” that I got commissioned with is hindering a more.. speedier.. recovery.

I am a copywriter by profession and since last June, I’ve been working as a freelance one as opposed to a full-time one.. in a respectable firm.. foregoing the pleasures of a steady, respectable income. The reason I’d left in the first place was due to the wishful thinking that I’d be leaving the country soon.. for good. So much for that! (I’m back to looking for a full-time job again).

So day before yesterday, I was presented with an opportunity to undertake a work that would be a source of great pride for my country.. and mine as well (for having done it). A long-standing organization/ authority of my country wants to make a compilation album of our most famous patriotic songs.. songs from and about the era of 1971.. that tells of the heartache and loss, of victory and patriotism, and of the human spirit  and determination.

You’re probably thinking… didn’t banglalink just do something similar just a couple of months back? Well yes.. but the difference here is that 1. that particular compilation of songs were pre-war/ victory songs.. inspirational songs that had been mainly written and composed to arouse one’s sense of patriotism.. songs to fuel one’s resolution to fight for what was, in the true sense, freedom of rights and freedom of speech, and 2. this latest selection of songs encompass both the pre and post-war emotions and experiences and will need to be translated into English and recorded in English and then distributed worldwide by 21st of February, which since 1999, has been the International Mother Language Day (as declared by UNESCO). The main idea here is to create awareness amongst people worldwide of the language movement and the immense sacrifice that our country made for such a basic human right.. that many take for granted.. and to appreciate the beauty and the depth of emotion in the lyrics of these amazing songs.

So… guess who has taken the responsiblity of doing the translations? Yes.. yes.. I’m getting handsomely paid but bloody hell!.. this is just not your off-the-beat translation that we’re talking about here! I have to maintain at least a modicum (if not the same degree) of romanticism and also ensure that the end result can be sung in harmony with the same beat and tune as was used with the original Bangla lyrics! No small feat mind you! And I have till Saturday to finish the first 15 lot.. while having to juggle a host of other “to-do’s” over the same time period.. and I JUST CAN’T PUT MY MIND TO IT!!!!

Anyone who’s ever tried to translate a piece or writing from one language to another (be that one of them is your mother tongue) must know that SO much is lost in translation ..about.. 99.5%???

So here I am.. at 1:38 AM in the morning … with a still rather stuffed-nose .. and a very, very, very difficult task ahead of her… simply putting off doing the inevitable… 😦

And blogging about it ..

Sometimes I hate myself…


I’ve been down with a cold the past 3 days.. a result of the fine cloud of dust over the city during this winter… a factor compounded by all the construction work going on around the city .. (can’t really blame them as it becomes a rather difficult task to tackle during the ‘other’ season here.. the wet/rainy season) ..

I’ve also been busy with a cousin’s wedding (on Saif’s side) which’ve been a lot of fun .. Uploaded a picture of the groom in all his regal finery standing with me and Saif .. 🙂 (sorry for the blurred effect!)

For now I NEED to get rid of this cold as I’ve got a busy, busy weekend (begins on Friday here in my country) ahead.

Noticed how the weekends these days tend to be even more busy than the weekdays?

But I’ll ponder over that phenomenon in my next post.. For now I need to go and have a lie down.. this heavy, heavy head is killing me! 😦 .. sniff, sniff

Are you waiting for something better to come along?

A search on Wikipedia about the term R.S.V.P. (which I’m sure many of you’ve seen on any given invitation card for a wedding, party, seminar, etc) gives the following definition…

“Répondez s’il vous plaît”, a French phrase that translates to “please respond”” or literally “respond, if you please” [1]. It is with this meaning that invitation cards and similar documents are often marked with “R.S.V.P.” It is standard practice to reply to an RSVP request whether confirming attendance or declining.

Till now I’ve had to personally manage the guest list for my own wedding and recently to a few other events…(the hassles for my now-non-existent birthday parties were managed by my parents and oh how I feel for them now!)… and I must say I’m extremely pissed that people just don’t pay you the respect or courtesy of RSVP-ing when you have requested them to do so by either providing a phone number on the invitation card or some other option if the invite has been made online…

What people don’t seem to realize is that hosts need to know who is coming so that they can 1. plan the food, drink and seating arrangement 2. invite replacements if necessary or 3. even reschedule the event.

Of those of you reading this right now….anyone who’s been a recipient to an invitation (that I or someone else in your life sent you) that specifically asked you to RSVP and you simply didn’t bother…well please realize this very irrevocable fact: each time you don’t RSVP, you fall further in the host’s estimation. Eventually, if not immediately, you fall off people’s guest lists.

Then there is the “maybe” RSVP, which I think is actually worse than no RSVP. I’m not harping about the legitimate excuses for the “maybes”, like family issues, a pending official trip that’s yet to be confirmed by your boss, etc. But just that if there’s a serious “maybe” involved, one should have the decency to at least call/email/sms …“Hey! Thanks for the invite! But I can’t confirm right now whether I can make it. Can I I let you know by such-and-such date?” (And then do confirm by that date!). This way the host knows you got the invite, and why you haven’t replied yet. That way, he or she won’t worry that the reason you don’t want to commit is that you’re waiting for something better to come along 😛

And if you do say you’re going to come, but suddenly find you can’t due to family emergency, illness, a project change at work or something similar – please do call/sms/anything! as soon as you know. I seriously don’t need to know why you couldn’t make it two hours into the event or after it’s over and done with, leaving me with the frustrated feeling that I could’ve invited tons of other people who’d have just loved to change places with you!