My other half… in the blog world :P

As I’d mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have another active blog named “momentary musings” and that it’s dedicated primarily to all the professional related stuff that I do… articles written for magazines, supplements, etc. But I haven’t been active in the publishing world (sans the virtual one) for quite sometime now… so you could say … that it has become a blog for most of the music-related incidents I encounter as a singer in a band.

Momentary musings is also an outlet for most of my “creative writing” efforts … which are few and far between

Simz City is more of a diary (if you haven’t guessed that already from the posts) .. filled with all my frustrations and rantings … and on the flip side of the coin, contentment and happy times …

I hope you’ll all enjoy my other half.. at least those of you who will feel like reading it of course .. 🙂