In Case I Have Followers (Aren’t I The Optimistic?!)

Just wanted to inform you all that I am and will be a bit MIA for a while..because

1. I have joined a school, where I’m teaching English Language and Literature to Grade 5 students…that comprises of two sections..each filled with around 20 over-smart 11 year olds…

2. I am inundated..every other day…with nearly 80 copies of classwork and homework copies..submitted in illegible handwriting that would make a doctor proud (N.B. I am guessing you got the joke since you MUST have come across a doctor’s prescription at least ONCE in your lifetime).

3. Their final examination is coming up… so I am rather bogged down with revisions and all the things that you have to do before such things…bleh!

and.. oh yes…as if I weren’t busy enough…I am also working on some ‘heavy’ (topic-of-research wise) Bengali-to-English translation work for an NGO…where everything ‘was due yesterday’.

So yes.. MIA is and will be the ‘in’ thing for me for the coming few weeks ..

Cheers! (and I DO mean it).


Up The Hills and Down the Valleys We Go

all right folks.. here are the pictures of our car like i’d promised.. we are truly blessed πŸ™‚ it has already travelled many a miles with us…offering immeasurable support along the way…


I’ve been down with a cold the past 3 days.. a result of the fine cloud of dust over the city during this winter… a factor compounded by all the construction work going on around the city .. (can’t really blame them as it becomes a rather difficult task to tackle during the ‘other’ season here.. the wet/rainy season) ..

I’ve also been busy with a cousin’s wedding (on Saif’s side) which’ve been a lot of fun .. Uploaded a picture of the groom in all his regal finery standing with me and Saif .. πŸ™‚ (sorry for the blurred effect!)

For now I NEED to get rid of this cold as I’ve got a busy, busy weekend (begins on Friday here in my country) ahead.

Noticed how the weekends these days tend to be even more busy than the weekdays?

But I’ll ponder over that phenomenon in my next post.. For now I need to go and have a lie down.. this heavy, heavy head is killing me! 😦 .. sniff, sniff