Procrastination…is thy name

“Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment.” Oh a more irrefutable quote I’ve never read.. sigh

My dust allergy is a little better than the last couple of days… but I think the recent “work” that I got commissioned with is hindering a more.. speedier.. recovery.

I am a copywriter by profession and since last June, I’ve been working as a freelance one as opposed to a full-time one.. in a respectable firm.. foregoing the pleasures of a steady, respectable income. The reason I’d left in the first place was due to the wishful thinking that I’d be leaving the country soon.. for good. So much for that! (I’m back to looking for a full-time job again).

So day before yesterday, I was presented with an opportunity to undertake a work that would be a source of great pride for my country.. and mine as well (for having done it). A long-standing organization/ authority of my country wants to make a compilation album of our most famous patriotic songs.. songs from and about the era of 1971.. that tells of the heartache and loss, of victory and patriotism, and of the human spirit  and determination.

You’re probably thinking… didn’t banglalink just do something similar just a couple of months back? Well yes.. but the difference here is that 1. that particular compilation of songs were pre-war/ victory songs.. inspirational songs that had been mainly written and composed to arouse one’s sense of patriotism.. songs to fuel one’s resolution to fight for what was, in the true sense, freedom of rights and freedom of speech, and 2. this latest selection of songs encompass both the pre and post-war emotions and experiences and will need to be translated into English and recorded in English and then distributed worldwide by 21st of February, which since 1999, has been the International Mother Language Day (as declared by UNESCO). The main idea here is to create awareness amongst people worldwide of the language movement and the immense sacrifice that our country made for such a basic human right.. that many take for granted.. and to appreciate the beauty and the depth of emotion in the lyrics of these amazing songs.

So… guess who has taken the responsiblity of doing the translations? Yes.. yes.. I’m getting handsomely paid but bloody hell!.. this is just not your off-the-beat translation that we’re talking about here! I have to maintain at least a modicum (if not the same degree) of romanticism and also ensure that the end result can be sung in harmony with the same beat and tune as was used with the original Bangla lyrics! No small feat mind you! And I have till Saturday to finish the first 15 lot.. while having to juggle a host of other “to-do’s” over the same time period.. and I JUST CAN’T PUT MY MIND TO IT!!!!

Anyone who’s ever tried to translate a piece or writing from one language to another (be that one of them is your mother tongue) must know that SO much is lost in translation ..about.. 99.5%???

So here I am.. at 1:38 AM in the morning … with a still rather stuffed-nose .. and a very, very, very difficult task ahead of her… simply putting off doing the inevitable… 😦

And blogging about it ..

Sometimes I hate myself…


Have you ever wondered…

how the very same person…say…me, you or even one’s next door neighbour…can be so very active and full of determination when tackling a certain task and be a total couch potato…the perfect recipient for “The Laziest Person of the Year” award…when it comes to something else?

Take me for example. I seem to have boundless energy and enthusiasm for say, going to band practice and learning new songs…or cleaning the house. But boy oh boy, when it comes to writing regularly on my blogs…I seem to become a totally different person altogether.

Saif (my hubby) actually made me feel guilty…yes, guilty…for neglecting this and a couple of other things in my life for the past few years or so. I used to paint and draw quite a lot back in my school and university days, and…I’m not boasting here…I was quite good. Maybe not with oils or pastels…as I’ve never dabbled with these mediums…but I was quite accomplished when it came to pencil sketches and water colours. I hardly paint anymore…there’s even a half-finished painting lying in a drawer full of my personal documents…I’d started on the project around ’99…lol..that’s 11 years!

But something deep inside me am sure, mourns the loss of those aspects of my personality…an unconscious part of me perhaps still clings to the hope that I’ll start writing again. Or painting again.

If I had made a conscious decision to close these two chapters of my life for good, I think I would have simply deactivated both of my blog accounts…and I never would have lovingly saved all my precious drawings and paintings from my childhood days in a plastic zip-lock bag.

So here I am…at least making the effort to do something about the writing part. As to taking up the pencil and paint brushes again? Well.. I have asked Saif to buy me a brand new set of water colours and brushes to prod me towards the right direction. I do belive I’m using the absence of these inanimate objects as an excuse .. 🙂

But I am promising myself that the very first thing I will be doing once I become the proud owner of those brushes and that paint box, is to complete that half-done painting of mine and frame the bloody thing…

I hope whoever is reading this post sympathizes or empathizes with my plight and wishes me luck …

Oh…and I’m attaching a recent drawing…an unashamed flaunting of my skills I must say…that I did for the CD sleeve for the debut-album of my hubby’s metal band “SHOCK“..

Not a bad job hey?