I couldn’t think of a better title for this post..seriously..

Woke up this morning to see that the whole of Dhaka city (yup.. born here.. and most likely dying here as well if my immigrations plans go.. tits up) enveloped under a think blanket of fog…

It has never been this cold around this time of the year in my country…the cold waves, which usually lasts for about a week max, starts knocking at our door around mid-Jan.. sometimes as late as early-Feb. This time the weather is playing havoc with all our ..conceptions 😛 It has been steadily getting colder and colder from mid-Nov this year…

So here I am.. at 12:30 in the afternoon, cozied up in my tiger-printed blanket, on my corner of the bed, sipping on a hot cup of tea.. looking out at the perpetual misty fog outside my bedroom window.. and I’m wearing socks today.. yes, it’s that cold..

It’s also my dad’s birthday and I know we’ll be going out to dinner somewhere nice and cozy.. something I’m really looking forward to.. I always look forward to anything that involves food.. 😀

But this very thing was reminding me of how I’m sometimes torn between being in a million places at the same time. Celebrating my dad or my mom’s birthday.. or that of someone else equally dear to my heart.. is something I will never ever miss. It’s not an obligation.. it’s something which I always look forward to.. because of the love I feel for them.. and also due to the fact that I feel happy and carefree and am at my element, having fun, during such occasions..

But something happened yesterday.. something which tops my “oh-so-very-tiring-and-frustrating-incidents” list. Saif’s cousin.. a fab guy with a fab sense of humour, who’s more like a brother than a cousin (if you can understand the fine nuances between the two).. and who’s come all the way from abroad, is getting hitched this Saturday. Once again, it’s an event I’m really looking forward to.. and all the ladies on the groom’s side.. which includes yours truly.. is going to go over to the bride-to-be’s place on Friday to gift her the wedding shari, along with the rest of the other lovely things in her trousseau. Mind you, this is the first wedding in Saif’s family, since our own .

In the meantime, my mom is hosting a dinner party at her house on Friday. The guests of honour are the siblings of my oldest cousin’s wife.. on my mom’s side.. visiting from abroad. Yes, I can visualize your eyebrows going up trying to make the oh-so-close family connection 😛

I had promised her I’d help her out at the party (way before she’d set a date for it) so I called her up and explained the situation and stated that I’d drop by on Thursday and ready the house for the party the next day, make the dessert (my specialty) and help out during her cooking the main dishes as well. The only glitch being that I won’t be able to attend the main event itself. I also kept trying to remind her that Saif and I had, for the past several months, dutifully attended the majority of the dawats and parties held by my parents as well as our extended family, despite us being on an extremely tight schedule with all our year-end shows. We were due a little respite. From one single party.

But it was to no avail. My mom got all upset and blurted out something around the lines of “Fine don’t come and you don’t need to help out either. It’s a party at my house and my own daughter won’t be there.. “… :S

So finally, I had to plan a rather convoluted schedule…go over to my parent’s on Wednesday night after dinner at Saif’s cousin’s future-in-laws’ (yes there are bound to be back-to-back parties before and after a scheduled wedding).. help my mom out with all the arrangements throughout the whole day on Thursday, then return to my place that night.. then on Friday, after attending the all-girl outing over to the bride-to-be’s, go over to my parent’s again from there for the party.

Not really that much of a crappy-crazy-schedule.. but it turns into one, when you have to live in a city like Dhaka, where these days our infamous traffic jams don’t let up.. not even on a weekend night.. nopity nope.

I have never been so glad as not to be working full-time anywhere at the moment..

Like I said..