Family Ties…Untied

I think I had said once before.. that you are a TRULY lucky person if you can find ONE ..just ONE..other person during your entire lifetime who totally gets you. And if that person turns out to be your life-partner.. well then.. you’re not just are infinitely blessed. Because face it… there is just so much you can share with your parents or siblings.

I have come to the irrevocable conclusion that childhood has its fair share of all things “Josh!”. You remain wonderfully ignorant of all the family politics and double (even triple) entendres made by members of your family. The older you get, unfortunately, everyone expects you to participate in all things “familial” and then when some sort of trouble brews, you’re expected to take sides… a pitfall ANYONE in their right minds would love to avoid at any cost.

NO human being is perfect. Every single person in ANY given family has their fair share of virtues AND vices. And more often thanĀ  not, rather than anyone being either right or wrong, it’s usually a case of a big, bad messy affair of miscommunication, where both parties have failed to understand each other’s point. A misunderstanding has NOTHING to do with anyone being right or wrong… a misunderstanding, in effect, is a VERY grey area and cannot be something SO black and white as being right or wrong.

Sorry am I going around in circles? Much apologies if I sound like a broken record, but all the family-related problems I’ve seen thus far seems to me just that… a very big and a very messy case of misunderstanding…where everyone has their wires crossed…tangled…maybe even shredded to pieces…

And I’ve always been the type of person who wants to avoid all things messy at all costs. One of my new year resolutions this time around was to keep busy with as much work and band-related stuff as possible in order to avoid as many family get-togethers as possible.

Seriously. The further removed you are from each and every scenario, the more easier it is to calmly say ‘Sorry, I wasn’t there, so I really can’t give my opinion on the matter’. I know that sounds extremely selfish (even more so, as it has to do with one’s own family) but well..I HAVE tried the other route… and never DID get ANY positive results/feedbacks/vibes for my efforts.

Other than my immediate family, including the one through my marriage, every other person’s opinion isn’t worth my precious time or my consideration. It’s a lesson learned the hard way.

Sorry. But that’s that. I know a lot of people will say.. “Awh c’mon. These things are constantly happening in every family. Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

But as one good friend always says, “It’s always the little stuff that makes or breaks things.”


The Times..They are a Changin’

Well…it’s been quite a while since I’ve joined LJ…so that’s quite a stretch between me becoming a member to my very first post :P…but hey…it’s better late than never…

My other blog was primarily for my editorial efforts..stuff that I’d written for Daily Star’s Lifestyle supplement but as you’ll notice (if you visit it…that is) my last post there was made quite a while back as well…the reason being that I’ve not been able to take in a lot of assignments lately …

Since my marriage this March and my time spent with my band GrooveTrap and what with my full-time job as a copywriter at an ad agency…I always seem to be running short of time! Oh for having more than just 24 hours in a single day!

Anyways…today, I thought would be a great day to post my first entry. I’ve been having a rather great day so it had all the right vibes to start something that I’d been putting off for quite a while..hehe

During America’s Presidential Campaign, I’d been rooting for Obama to win. Needless to say, I’m ecstatic over the fact that he has. After watching the fiasco, which was Bush, over these past few years, I was more than ready for a ‘Change’ and was horrified about the idea of someone like Palin (and/or her associates) taking over the management of one of the most powerful and influential nations in the world. Well now that it’s all over, I can breath a sigh of great relief and satisfaction…

The second reason I’ve been having a great day is because the plans for launching GrooveTrap’s debut album has well and truly kicked off. I’ve been preparing the guest list…we’ve a restriction on how many people we can invite to the event which is to be held this 21st at Radisson hotel…and it feels like I’m getting married all over again! Who to invite? Whom can I overlook? Who am I forgetting?

After months of juggling with writing lyrics, recording songs, meeting with the designers of our CD sleeve, poster and official website, doing shows late into the night, running after sponsors…while doing a full-time job and keeping house….I can say that no one would be happier than I after the 21st has come and gone…

I’m not saying I haven’t been enjoying it…all the feelings of frustration are quite nicely mixed with a feel-good-happy-happy vibe. But I just wish that things were more systematic here in my country. The music industry, and everything else in between, needs a serious overhaul. For that we need the right people in the right place, doing the right things at the right time. That’s a tough enough calling as it is even for a developed nation like America (as we saw during this campaign) and yes, Bangladesh has a long, long way to go.

But I’ve hope yet. Corruption is everywhere. In my opinion the ‘rich’ countries are simply more adept at hiding it all (watch Michael Moore’s “Sicko” which focuses on America’s health care system for just a little insight). So let’s not moan over something that’ll be around even after we’re long dead and buried. I’d rather create a fuss over things that aren’t around but can be.

We need progressive thinkers like Obama at all levels of our country’s administration, down to the root level. Yunus is doing his bit regarding the level of poverty in the country and hopefully his disciples will carry on his legacy once he’s gone. And I’m pretty confident that sometime in the distant future, we’ll see faces from our generation (or maybe the next) doing the very same thing. Bringing about progressive changes at all levels. Yes, even in the music industry.

The times…they will be changing…