So many people find something or the other unsatisfying about their lives… and on the road towards whining and complaining, they forget the immense sense of satisfaction and enjoyment one can enjoy from the tiniest possible things ..

I always get a great sense of contentment from finishing a household chore, say like doing all the piled-up dishes and getting a sparkly clean sink …or sitting in the sun and just breathing in the fresh wintry morning air of Dhaka..

Jaded people can come up to me and argue that I haven’t seen anything of life .. haven’t suffered any major hardships or setbacks … and so I can afford to be like this.

But then I’d like to believe that it’s something inside of of me.. that deep, deep down inside .. there’s a part of me ‘tuned’ to enjoying the jaded people’s so-called “insignificant” moments. And that even when I’m down and have had about as much as I could take of a terrible situation, my tuning will remain in the same frequency.

And my belief is strengthened when I see street urchins .. who I believe are facing hardships and setbacks on a day to day basis ..grinning from ear to ear while getting wet in the rain.


To paraphrase a famous quote from a film.. Jaded is as jaded does.